How do I review a service provider?

Just visit the profile page of the service provider to see their reviews. To add your review, click the “add review” button (you must be logged in first).

A review has two parts:

Rate the service provider

When you add your review, we also ask “Would you recommend this service provider” based on their Quality, Timeliness, Value and Service. You just need to answer “yes” or “no”. Evaluating service providers on the different criteria will help your friends get better results when they do a search.

Your answers will allow us to calculate a “star rating” for the service provider. The best service providers get five stars.

Write your review

Make it useful, make it fair! Don’t just say “he is good”. Give some details, like when you used them, what you were impressed with, and what were the results. For example:

“Sam did my kitchen cabinets in June 2023, he did a great job on the quality of the marble top and completed the project on time. However, I ended up paying more for the stainless steel drainer which turned out to be quite expensive”